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Kilchoman Madeira Cask Matured (2015)

Kilchoman Madeira Cask Matured (2015)

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Ooh, Madeira cask-matured Kilchoman single malt Scotch whisky? Yes please! Back in 2011, Islay's farm distillery filled up 17 casks which had previously held Madeira wine and set them aside to age. Now they've cracked the casks open, revealing an intense single malt Scotch whisky, packed with peaty notes and elegant, nutty wine elements from the cask! 6,100 bottles were produced.

Tasting Notes
It smells like how it looks: a dry, bittersweet cinnamon nose. The nose is very much like the little Italian cookies (amaretti). Dry cognac, grape, vanilla, lightly peated, nutmeg, lemon, mint and a very strong whiff of cinnamon and cedar wood.
The palate is soft and buttery, with the typical Kilchoman-style: flowers, pear and sweet peat. It’s dry, with lots of perfume and again a dominant cinnamon taste.

The finish is floral, warm and peaty, with grapes, hazelnuts, chocolate, a mix of different nuts and raisins, smoked ham and yes: cinnamon.
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