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Kavalan King Car Conductor

Kavalan King Car Conductor

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A single malt whisky from King Car's Kavalan distillery in Taiwan, part of their range which also includes the orchestrally inspired Solist series. The whisky was selected to show off the range of flavour that the distillery can produce and reflect the multi-armed nature of their parent company.

Tasting Notes

Sweetness via honey and vanilla immediately upfront. Coconut and banana reinforce the tropical aroma often associated with King Car Distillery and their hot and rapid maturation. 

Heavy and clinging taste of malts which is best decribed as 'gripy' in terms of mouthfeel. Winey notes come through with some vibrant wood spicing, in the form of cinnamon and pepper. Vanilla is ever present from what is clearly a heavy oak dosing. 

Long, spicy (pepper) and fairly astringent.

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