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Blanton's Gold Edition Set (8 Bottles)

Blanton's Gold Edition Set (8 Bottles)

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A full set of 8 individual Gold Edition bottles, all beset with unique stoppers depicting horse and jockey at different stages of a race (spelling out Blanton's), this is a must-have for diehard fans of Blanton's. Exceptionally smooth and luxuriously rich, Blanton's Gold Edition Bourbon is a must-have for any serious collector and a single barrel that truly deserves its 'gold edition' status. Chill-filtered, aged in a single white oak barrel, and then dried for 6-months, the Gold Edition produces vibrant hints of citrus, beautifully complemented by subdued oak, dark fudge, and cream notes. Never blended at any point during its aging process, this super-premium bourbon whiskey matures in the finest barrels handpicked by the Master Distiller, with the resulting product nothing less than divine.

Tasting Notes 

Oaky, dry. Plenty of fruit, mostly dried. Chewy peels, floral. Spicy.

Complex, enjoyable top notes, chewy oak. Dark stone fruits, deep spices, peppy and rich.

Long, toffee, drying.

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