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Lagavulin 11 Year Old Offerman Edition 3 Charred Oak Cask

Lagavulin 11 Year Old Offerman Edition 3 Charred Oak Cask

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Anyone who has watched Parks and Recreation will know Scotch whisky, wood, and steak are pretty much all Ron Swanson’s favourite things. Well, those traits are shared by the actor who plays him, Nick Offerman, too. And as he and Lagavulin have been partnering up since 2014, nobody is surprised to see them create a whisky that was designed to be enjoyed with steak. The third whisky in the Offerman Edition series, Charred Oak Cask is aged in American and European oak casks that are shaved down then heavily re-charred, and is said to be the “perfect pairing for well-barked, medium-rare steak” with Offerman recommending a seared ribeye.

Tasting Notes

This whisky has strong leather notes, wood chip and campfire smoke, along with a meatiness and slight sweet of golden raisin.

Sweet on the front, there is a mellow burn that accompanies the heavy but pleasant smoke. Bitter notes of coffee and dark chocolate work well with the long, charcoal finish, and there are hints of marshmallow and red berries.

Warm, lingering, spicy, sensational.


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