Compass Box Flaming Heart Edition 4 (2012)

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The Flaming Heart is back! This is the fourth release of this peaty blended malt from the whisky innovators at Compass Box.

Inspired by a rock song, this blended malt is made using whisky from refill Bourbon barrels, new (heavily toasted) French oak and some sherried oak which is a great new addition! The whiskies are from distilleries across Scotland but there is a fair whack of a south shore Islay and a malt from the village of Brora.

Tasting Notes

A stormy Scottish shoreline of coastal peat crashes out of the glass to begin with - followed by cracked black pepper and stewing red vegetables. Then a sootiness emerges with autumnal forest notes with vanilla pods lazing in the background. Finally there is a little apple and pear which hint at some sherry influence.

Heavy peat, hay and salt crystals form a palate-cleansing flavour initially which is chased by sherried dried fruit and ground coffee.

The peat becomes warming with notes of Christmas cake crumbs and wood-spice. Then comes a cleansing trio of clove, menthol and liquorish with tea-like tannins. Finally notes of damson jam reveal themselves in what can only be described as a stupendously long finish which stays on the lips and the tip of the tongue.