Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Heavily Peated

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Master distiller Jim McEwan specially chose the casks that create the Port Charlotte Scottish Barley, which highlight the elegance within this heavily peated single malt. Made with 100% Scottish barley and matured in the village of Port Charlotte.

Tasting Notes

Heavy peated smoke starts the show but smoke fades away rather quickly. Medicinal peat is the dominant force every time I return to an open bottle of this, smoke is just a glimpse. Grapefruits, hints of juniper and lots of gin feel. Hints of sugary barley and green fruits.

Heavy oak and burning coal. Very earthy and green, grassy and bit fruity with green fruits. Phenolic peat hits hard. Toffee and barley rise from the back.

Nicely oily with bitter peat and spices. Bit dry and grassy, with malty notes.