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Ardbeg Blaaack Feis Ile 2020

Ardbeg Blaaack Feis Ile 2020

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The Ardbeg Day expressions from the eponymous distillery on Islay are always exciting indeed, and the 2020 release is no different. Named Ardbeg Blaaack, this single malt was matured in Pinot Noir casks from New Zealand! Well then, we suppose it is a bit different! The name was inspired by another thing New Zealand is well-known for - sheep! Apparently there are seven sheep for every one person in the country. That's... That's a lot of sheep.

Tasting Notes

Raspberries and blackcurrant, followed up by baked earth and honey-glazed ham.

Spiced fruit compote, more red berries, another helping of smoked meat, coffee, charred oak and brandied cherries.

Black pepper and cinnamon spiciness, with orange zest bringing some balancing fruity notes.

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